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If you are a drone owner and you thrive to get some breathtaking shots, join our drone expedition to the islands of Indonesia. We will fly the drones over Flores and neighboring islands in the Komodo National Park, where you can take beautiful photos and videos of beaches, traditional villages, mountains, colorful volcanic lakes, rice fields and various islands.
Besides flying the drones, we will enjoy camping and swimming at the pristine beach Koka, we will see the sunrise above Kelimutu - the lakes of spirits, we will drive the scooters along the winding roads to traditional villages and hot springs, where the cold river mixes with the hot one. Before dawn we will trek to the summit of Inerie volcano and contemplate the view of the volcanic landscape around, we will see (and taste) the making process of arak - the local alcohol, we will sleep over in a traditional drum house, in a village hidden from the outside world, and we will enjoy three days of cruising, snorkeling and watching the tropical fish, huge mantas, and the largest reptiles on the planet - the Komodo dragons - in the Komodo National Park Komodo.
Only 10 pilots can join our expedition. Due to the character of the tour, we recommend you take at least 3 high quality batteries, a multiple battery charger, and a device with sufficient capacity to store the photos and videos you take. Choose the size of the drone accordingly to the fact that you will have to carry it a few hour to a distant village of Wae Rebo, and that you will travel with it on the scooter. If you want to fly the drone over the water, we recommend you take a device to keep the drone afloat in case of a hazard (for example a Waterbuoy). If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.
We picked these places as the main drone flying locations:
  • Koka Beach - pristine beach in the shape of a heart
  • Kelimutu - sunrise over the three-colored volcanic lakes
  • Bena - the traditional matriarchial village
  • Spiderweb rice fields near Cancar
  • Wae Rebo - the traditional village with drum houses sitting on the hill amid the clouds
  • Komodo National Park - Padar island, islands with coral reefs in a turquoise sea, taking shots from the boat etc.
  • If we have enough time, we can add more places.
In each of these locations we will stay half a day or sometimes even a full day so that everyone can take his turn in the air. We will either charge batteries in the evenings and overnight in the hotels, or with a generator, which we will take with us.
Local flights between Bali and Flores
All transport on Flores and Komodo
Generator as a drone charging support
Accommodation with breakfast in Bali Flores 
Full board on a boat in Komodo National Park
All the program in the itinerary including entrance fees (except for Komodo NP)
Professional drone pilot
Local guide in Flores
Experienced English speaking tour leader
Travel agency insurance
Return ticket to Bali
personal travel insurance
Entrance fees to Komodo National Park ( approx. 75 EUR/3 days - price for 2018, subject to change)
Insurance of drones against crash or theft 
Food and drinks that are not included in the price or the program
Single supplement
Program not listed in the itinerary


Den 1
Departure from your home country.

Den 2
Arrival in Bali, rest after the flight, overnight in a hotel near the airport.

Den 3
Departure for Flores to Maumere town, arrival early afternoon, lunch, transfer to Koka Beach - virgin beach in the shape of a heart, swimming, discussion and getting to know the plan, romantic overnight on the beach in the tents.

Den 4
Whole day of flying the drones at Koka Beach. Lunch at the beach or in a nearby fish restaurant. In the evening we will transfer to a Moni village. Drone battery charge.

Den 5
Very early morning, while it is still dark, we will go to the Kelimutu volcano by car, followed by a short walk. There we can admire the sunrise over the three magical lakes, each of a different color, which change their color over time. The locals believe, that this is where the souls of the deceased go. Flying the drone according to the weather conditions. Around noon/early afternoon we will go back to Moni for a lunch, we will visit a nearby waterfall and we will depart to Bajawa. On the way, we will visit the Blue Stone Beach. Drone battery charge.

Den 6
Whole day trip on scooters to the traditional matriarchy village Bena and nearby villages. Flying the drones. In the evening visit to a hot springs with hot and cold rivers joining in a natural pool. Back to Bajawa. Drone battery charge.

Den 7
For those who are interested - a trek to the top of Inerie volcano (3-4 hours to the top) to see the sunrise. Back to Bajawa and transfer to Ruteng, visit to an arak distillery, the local alcohol in Aimere on the way. Overnight in Ruteng. Drone battery charge.

Den 8
Flying the drone above the spiderweb rice fields in Cancar. In the afternoon, transfer to an accommodation near the trailhead to Wae Rebo. Drone battery charge.

Den 9
Three hours trek through the misty forest to the traditional village Wae Rebo, welcoming ceremony by the elder of the village, the rest of the day: flying the drones, watching the village life... Overnight in one of the traditional drum houses.

Den 10
In the morning descent from Wae Rebo and transfer to Labuan Bajo, dinner at the evening fish market.

Den 11
Komodo National Park - 3 days of cruising around the islands, flying the drones, snorkeling along the coral reefs with tropical fishes, sea turtles and mantas. Visit to the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar. Komodo dragons, deer and water buffalo watching. Trekking on the islands, visit of the Pink Beach, water activities (kayak/paddleboard). Overnight in the cabin on the boat, the last day back to Labuan Bajo.

Den 14
Departure from Labuan Bajo to Bali and then back to your home country.

Den 15
Arrival to your home country.